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Our school  Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr 3 is situated in Sopot. It is one of three secondary schools in our town.
The school is not big. There are 12 forms in it, which makes the number of students about 300. We have students not only from Sopot, but Gdańsk and Gdynia as well. In previous years there were also students from England, Canada, Jamaica and Mexico.
50 people are employed at our school – including 30 teachers.
Our school has:

  • sixteen classrooms - some of them are equipped with multimedia and interactive panels,
  • a computer technology workroom with an access to the Internet,
  • multimedia assembly hall with100 seats, equippedwith public address system, a computer,  projectors and interactive panels,
  • wireless Internet connection,
  • a library equipped with a large book collection, multimedia and, several computer units with the access to the Internet and printers,
  • A full-sized sports hall and a small gym with mirrors used for fitness trainings, back up facilities: 4 changing rooms, 24 showers,
  • Near the school there are: a football pitch, a basketball pitch, a skate park witha quarter pipe, a ramp – a half pipe, a fun – box, a grand – box, a curb, a jump ramp,  a bank and a spine,
  • A school canteen which offers drinks, sandwiches and snacks.
  • In our school we have all necessary facilities adapted to the needs of the disabled:  a ramp, a lift, and adjusted toilets.

We have had exchange programmeswith Germany: Nurenberg, Munich and Flecken – Zechlin. They have been going on since 1995. We have had annual mutual visits, many of them were workshops. The last meeting was in Munich in 2009.
There is also a student exchange with England and France in our school.
Since 2002 we have been involved in the cooperation between two twin towns: Sopot and Southend-on-Sea. We organize students exchange and trips to the UK and we are honoured to host the boys from a very famous Southend Boys’ Choir.
We have had a number of Socrates Comenius projects, too. Our students had an opportunity to take part in a language project with the Netherlands and a school project with France, Germany and Great Britain.
In 2004 we paid a visit to a secondary school in Vilnius – hoping to start a new exchange programme.
 The international cooperation has had long tradition in our school - 15 years now.
The project work is usually carried out with many partners involved: teachers, students, parents and our school-master.
Our projects are supported by organisations and foundations such as:  Polish – German foundation,  Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk,  Dom Pojednania in Gdańsk, Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji, Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego,Sopocki Ośrodek Doskonalenia Zawodowego and many more.
The main reason for such contacts is that we believe they fit in our school philosophy.
We hope that our students will get good opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures both in theory and practice.
As all young people in Europe today, our students need to make friendship with their peers from other countries and get a chance to have closer-knit contacts, and we feel it is our main goal.
We believe that multicultural projects our school organises, will be carried on by our students and future graduates in a broader context.